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Dry, Modified, and Wet

Distillers products are an excellent source of protein and fat. On a dry matter basis you shoud expect 25%- 28% Protein and 4.5%-6% Fat. You can get this as Dry, Modified (50% Moisture), and Wet (64% Moisture). Each form has their own advantages depending how you are set up.


Corn Syrup

Corn Syrup often known as CCDS (Corn Condensed Distillers Solubles) is a good source of protein and fat for cattle. This product has to be stored in a tank and comes in a 6,200 Gallon load. Corn Syrup is a good feed to use to get cattle started at the bunk, it can also be used to add moisture and flavor to corn stalks or hay.


Soyhulls can come in pellet form or loose. They are around 40% Fiber and 8% protein. Several of my customers use soyhulls as a starter feed because cattle will not overeat on them.

Soyhull Pellets.jpg


Hominy is a really good energy feed that can be used to replace corn in a ration. 


Corn Gluten is available as dry pellets or wet. It's a high protein feed being about 18% protein.

Gin Trash

Gin Trash is an affordable roughage to help in the winter time. It will be the same protein as fescue hay or possibly higher. It can help a lot if you are short on hay or when hay is expensive.

Gin Trash.jpg

Rice Mill Feed

Rice Mill Feed is a loose product created by mixing Rice Bran and Ground Rice Hulls which makes for a palatable nutritious feed. It's a high fiber feed used to reduce the concentration of high protein and high fat ingredients.  Protein 6%, Fat 5%, and Fiber is around 26%.

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